Monday, October 25, 2010


When it comes to thinking up titles I do one of two things. Either I come up with an awesome title and then struggle to come up with something I can write that fits it, or I write something and then struggle to come up with a title that isn't completely lame. Unsuccessfully. Always unsuccessfully. So when I decided to start a blog I didn't even bother. I just decided straight up to call it Stupid Title, since anything I came up would eventually sound stupid to me anyway.

If you're here then you already know that didn't work out. I was thwarted by the fact that someone who had already taken that name. So I went with Dumb Title, which is almost the same except not because I wanted Stupid Title and I don't like to be thwarted. What's worse is that I visited Stupid Title to try to see who had stolen my name and the page was blank. So if you know who stole my name and then did nothing with it, or you if ever happen to meet them, punch them in the face for me.*

*Please do not actually punch them in the face just because I said so, as that would make me feel bad and I don't actually condone violence in any way.

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