Tuesday, November 30, 2010


If, as a child, you ever said aloud that you wished someone would die (and I'm not saying that I did, just in case you didn't) you probably had some adult tell you not to say such things because you would feel really bad if they actually did die. That adult was an idiot.

Now I'm not talking about those times when you were wishing a parent or a friend dead and you didn't really mean it but were just really angry with them at the time. Obviously if any of those people died you would feel bad. But you would feel bad whether you had just wished them dead or not, and even if you had wished them dead that still wouldn't make any of these less true.

1. You didn't kill them. That's retarded.

About five years ago I had a landlord that I, and all of the people I lived with, hated. Because he was an arsehole. Every single one of us wished him dead at least once. (It was definitely more than once.) Then, a few weeks ago, we found out he'd died earlier in the year. I was not struck down with guilt. Maybe it is possible that we all wished him dead and then five years later it finally happened as a result of those wishes, but- actually no. Just no. It's not.

I don't know how many wishes you've made in your life but unless they've all been incredibly realistic (in which case, what the hell is wrong with you? Don't you get this whole wishing thing at all?) then you've probably noticed a general trend towards them not coming true. If you have been making fairly unrealistic wishes and they have been coming true then we need to talk about why you've been wasting this power on wishing random people dead. Though really, if you're aware you have this power and you're still wishing random people dead I probably don't want to talk to you. And you're also probably in the wrong place since you obviously already don't feel bad about what you've been doing.

2. You probably weren't the only one.

I can only speak for myself here, but wishing someone dead is not the thing that comes immediately to mind when someone's behaving like an arsehole. Punching them in the face, roundhouse kicking them in the head and stabbing them in the eye with a pen (it's always a pen) are all things I visualise before wishing them dead ever crosses my mind. I should probably stress here that I only visualise these things - I would never actually do them. So if you're anything like me (sicko) then the person you're wishing dead has probably pretty consistently been an arsehole over a period of time before you start wishing for their immediate demise. If that's the case then you're most likely not the only one who's wished them dead. So even if you do believe that wishing it is enough to make it happen (it's not but hey, there are Scientologists - people will believe anything!) it might not have been your wish that did it!

3. Congratulations on making a wish that's guaranteed to come true!

I don't want to spoil the ending for those of you who have been living in a cave and have had absolutely no contact with another human being ever (welcome to the internet!) but everyone dies. Literally everyone. Seriously, no one gets out of this alive. Look it up. So if you wish someone dead you will, one day, get your wish. Remember my landlord - yeah, took awhile but it happened. Wishing someone dead is the only wish you can make where you never have to fear disappointment. Yeah, you may not live to see it, but you still know it will happen.


  1. Some conniving, contrived, deviant pathological psychopath (unt had slandered me at the grocery store and made people hate me and made me look bad. She said I destroyed her marriage by having an affair with her husband while he was still married to her and made him disown their daughter, which wasn't true because I never knew her until after she got divorced and I never knew the guy nor would I ever still another woman's husband, fiance, boyfriend, and/or date and I would never make people hate their own children. He was involved with another woman whom he had children with, yet she never mentioned her. She was born a Roman Catholic, goes to church, carries the bible with her, wears her rosary beads, and is best friends with the chief reverend of her church; she slandered me and lies even when she has her godly items. I was eventually cleared of her slander, however I still hate her, and what makes me so infuriated is that nothing bad has happened to her. She still owns a four bedroom house free of all mortgage, works full time earning premium wages, buys brand new clothes from exquisite department stores for herself and daughter, gets her hair done at the department store professional salon and so does her daughter, and she also buys organic, holistic skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. She also spends $5.00 or more on take-out meals during her lunch breaks at the shopping mall and now she has a brand new premium quality four door vehicle. She gets good looking, successful men noticing her as well. She isn't remorseful about what she had done to me; doesn't feel any guilt, shame, embarrassment, and regret over what she has done to me, and she is happy about me not having as much success as she does and as much success as I want. The day before Canada Day, at a grocery store, I did run into and blurted a bunch of coarse, derogatory slang terms against her and then ended it with " I hope you get aids and die! That really struck her and she was really distraught.

    I hate her and will always and forever hate her and I would be happy if she did get aids and died! If she doesn't get aids and die then I hope she gets into an accident and her face becomes permanently disfigured for life that no surgery will ever fix and lives the rest of her life as an ugly recluse with such a grotesque face and no man ever wants her ever again! I also hope she loses her full time job, all her finances runs out, she loses her physical ability to work and ends up on welfare living out her life in a welfare building, eating in soup kitchens, getting food from the food bank, and wears cheap, used clothing from the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

    1. Lol. That's very specific! She sounds like a complete bitch. I honestly hope your wishes come true!

    2. She lost her job; got into altercation with another woman who made her feel and look like shit and has been arrested a few times. She also has weight issues and has crabs, herpes, and genital warts; everyone thinks she's a slut.

  2. I wish that Paul Daniel Howell who lives at 3A St Ann's Park Road Wandsworth London SW18 2RW dies immediately. I hope he gets prostate cancer and enters hell. I hope his daughter called Rhianna gets raped by some guy. I wish him misery upon misery. I'm looking forward to seeing his downfall and hope all his relationships fail, including his youngest daughter. He sure brought me hell and I hope karma pays back indeed. Please make this happen, evil spirits. Amen. Thank you Satan!!! PLEASE grant my wish and hope.

  3. I live in a condo, and the couple above me has a 2-year-old child. For a year now, all I hear is a lot of noise and running and jumping to the point that my furniture shakes. At first I figured it would stop because a child must develop their legs.

    Now after a year of the noise I am having a nervous breakdown. The child is old enough for the parents to stop him from running and jumping in the house. I was so upset last night, and screamed several times: "I want you all dead." I woke up this morning late because the noise was unbearable last night. I remembered that I wanted them dead, and I do not feel bad about it.

  4. The two fuckfaces who wrote their postings in January 8th, 2016 and April 8th, 2016 should flush themselves down the septic system.

  5. I have wished death on my brother several times because he is a snitch.

  6. There's a girl in my class, i though shew was nice at first but she turned out so mean and she forced me to do dares like licking the floor or windows and i got sick because of it. She did those things too but she was totally fine ! At school she turned out other kids who hated her against me and from everybody who hated her nobody was ever mean to her but they were all mean to me, the person who always helped them and listened to all their problems with the girl. The girl even started a rumor that i liked a boy who i didn't like and the whole school believed it and she and her friend made my last weeks of 6th grade miserable and whenever i get mad at her for her actions she always says ''It's just a game ! You don't understand anything from games !'' and she gets mad and the others say i should be the one apologizing to her. Everyday she calls me on the phone to go out and play and if i say no she starts hating on my YouTube channel. Every single day i wish she was dead and i was always thinking if i put poison in her drink but i'm not sure, i just want her gone !